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What is the waaf community?

This is a community for listeners of WAAF-FM. WAAF-FM is a radio station located in Boston that plays a variety of "rock" music including '80's hair metal, '90's grunge, black/death/speed/thrash metal, and modern rock.

What's in this community?

Any discussion related to WAAF-FM is welcome in this community, as well as any discussion that listeners of WAAF-FM might find interesting, informative, funny, etc.

For example, WAAF E-Force members may want to post updates about the Workplace of the Day or the daily Lost and Found artist, or discuss Mike Hsu's Dumbass Poll Question. Not an E-Force member? Join Now!

Who can participate?

As this community is unmoderated and membership is open, technically anyone can participate, although it is requested that members are listeners of WAAF-FM.

Are there any rules?

Generally, no. As this community is unmoderated, there are no special rules that one most follow in order to post to this community. However, please be respectful to the other members of the community.

How do I join this community?

To join this community, click here.

Are there any related resources on LiveJournal?Is there any WAAF-related merchandise I can purchase?

Yes. You can get WAAF CDs at Amazon.com Music. You can also get WAAF merchandise from the official WAAF Store.

Additionally, WAAF listeners can get free stuff--including cold, hard CASH!--just for being WAAF listeners by joining the WAAF E-Force. Not a member yet? Join now! It's FREE!

The information contained in this community's description is subject to change without notice. This community is not affiliated in any way with WAAF-FM, Entercom Boston, its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Community maintained by cparker.

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